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Leverage decades of experience to capitalize on short and long-term market opportunities

Investment Strategies

For Collectors

We help you select timepieces most

 likely to appreciate in value.

For Business

In-depth consultations and turn-key solutions to help our clients find their footing in the industry regardless of budget.

Investment Fund

Personalized strategies to capitalize on short and long-term market opportunities within the watch space.

Minimum investment $500,000.


For Collectors

Understanding trends:


A few years ago, we sold an extremely rare Patek Philippe 5711R to a client who contacted us through Rolex Forums. When the client received the watch he was unhappy with it because of some wear from the previous owner. He wrote us an angry email and after speaking to him on the phone we arranged for him to return the watch for a refund or exchange. Ultimately he chose to exchanged the watch for an Audemars Piguet.


Before he returned the watch, I told him very clearly that while we were happy to accept this return, that this watch was extremely rare and beautiful and that he was making a huge mistake. He paid $27,000 for it.


A few short years later this watch is worth more than $85,000.


One of the advantages of investing in a watch for personal use is that you can enjoy it for many years without concerning yourself with the daily market value. At Swiss Watch Connection, we understand why watches go up in value and can help you not only select a beautiful watch today, but find the perfect piece that might actually cost your more if you don't buy it.



Founder of Swiss Watch Connection

Creator at Para Earth

For Business

Learn about the different ways you can profit from the watch industry. We offer in-depth consultations, affiliate programs, as well as turn-key solutions that give you everything you need to get started trading luxury watches



Partner with us.

We offer customized short-term, long-term, and market-making investment strategies. 


$500,000 minimum investment.

Serious inquiries only.

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