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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's up with the logo ring?
    The SWC logo ring is connected to the deeper mission of Swiss Watch Connection and Para Earth. Swiss Watch Connection is a vehicle which makes it possible to do the deeper work of Para Earth. Para Earth's mission is to reverse deforestation, fight hunger, and cultivate a paradigm in which every human has access to a home which can never be taken away from them.
  • Where do the watches come from?
    Our watches are sourced from a variaty of places. Either from our own stock, from our partners in the business, from branded authorized dealers, as well as directly from our end user clients. Because it is impossible for any dealer to have every model in stock at all times, we have the ablity to reach into our extensive network to find just about any watch you can imagine - and always at a fair price.
  • Are your watches authentic?
    We guarantee that all of our watches are 100% authentic. In more than a decade of dealing watches we have never sold a watch that was not 100% athuentic as described. Each watch is throughly inspected before being purchased or offered for sale. Sometimes watches have been cusomized with aftermarket diamonds or other modifications. We always make our clients aware of this so that they can make a well-informed buying decision.
  • Do I pay sales tax on my purchase?
    Your local sales tax applies to every purchase unless you are a dealer. If we ship to a state where there is no sales tax then it will not be included in your invoice. If you trade in a watch, the tax will be calculated on the difference. We do not collect sales tax when shipping overseas.
  • How do you accept payment?
    Wire transfer and trade-in are the two primary ways that you can pay for your watch. We also accept major cryptocurrencies. If there is another way that you would like to pay it can he discussed.
  • How does shipping work?
    Whether you are shipping a watch to us to consign or sell, or if you are buying a watch, every watch is shipped overnight with a shipping label that is fully covered by insurance. There may be certain requirements such as signature or that the watch be packed in a certain way. You will be made aware of these protocols as they arise.
  • What is the history of your company and Jacob?
    Jacob and Swiss Watch Connection have been in business since 2010. We started with online auctions through Live Auctioneers, then moved to the Diamond District where we built a reputation on Rolex Forums and within the wholesale community. Eventually we closed the business in New York and began to travel the world, making connections and buying watches which we imported back to the US to sell to our private clients and wholesale dealers. During the Covid pandemic Jacob closed the business to focus on his deeper mission. Now we are back bringing a new perspective to the industry.
  • What kinds of watches do you specialize in?
    Swiss Watch Connection is specialized in the the rarest and most in demand watches on the market today.
  • What happens when I sell a watch to Swiss Watch Connection?
    There are two options when selling a watch. Either we will buy it for our stock or it can be sold through our network of dealers and private clients. If you opt to sell your watch through our network, you receive all proceeds from each sale. If you do not receive a bid that is satisfactory, you will be given the option to consign your watch to reach more dealers and retail private clients. Because demand can fluctuate so quickly, it is easiest for us to sell a watch when we have it in our possession and therefore can garner the highest value. If for some reason a quick sale is not possible, your watch can be marketed through the various platforms we work with to reach the prefect retail end user.
  • What if I have more questions?
    Just ask us!
  • How does membership work?
    Your organization's annual membership allows you to offer Swiss Watch Connection services to all of your patrons. Each client receives a membership card, allowing them to purchase and sell watches from their collection under guidance of a trusted advisor who has their best interests as a top priority. For avid collectors, this could mean savings of tens of thousands of dollars per year. For the occasional purchase or gift, your clients can have peace of mind knowing that Swiss Watch Connection's industry experts will guide them to the best possible result.
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